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Special Events

Many workshops are added to our schedule to meet demand for timely and topical business information. Often these programs are scheduled after our semi-annual brochure is printed. You can view these “special events” below.

Please note, all of the information listed below can change without notice. Please contact us at (856) 225-6221 or rsbdc@camden.rutgers.edu for up to date information (e.g., dates, times, availability).

QuickBooks (Basic)

Date: November 04, 2017
Time: 9AM - 3PM
Fee:   $120

Location: Rutgers University Business and Science Building

2 Sessions | 6 Total Hours

This introductory course explains how QuickBooks can simplify the accounting process for a small business.  Using QuickBooks students will learn:

  1. how to set up a company
  2. how to record business transactions
  3. to understand QuickBooks reports and
  4. the components of financial statements

(Participants should have an understanding of basic accounting concepts, as well as, basic computer keyboard skills.)

Call (856) 225-6221 to register.

QuickBooks (Advanced)

Date: December 02,2017
Time: 9AM - 3PM
Fee: $150

Location: Rutgers University Business and Science Building

2 Sessions | 6 Hours Total

This intermediate course is designed to put the student in a simulated real business environment managing both the Customers/Sales and Vendors/Expenses capabilities in QuickBooks.  Accounts Receivable transactions include creating customer and job lists, setting up item (product) lists, creating quotes, tracking employee time for customer jobs, applying customer payments, journal entries, and accounts receivable reporting.  Accounts Payable transactions include setting up vendors, preferences, processing vendor invoices, credit card statement payments, applying invoices to customer jobs, batch and single check process, voiding checks, journal entries and Account Payable reporting.  QuickBooks (Basic) or a good basic knowledge of QuickBooks is a prerequisite.

Call (856) 225-6221 to register.